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Meditation Mount Book Sale: Now through Labor Day!

Meditation Mount is cleaning out the book shelves!
After organizing a collection of books for our public Reading Room, we still have many books left that are for sale in the breezeway from now through Labor Day weekend. Soft covers: $1.00, hard covers: $2.00, CDs: $2.00, art books: $4.00, and all other items are priced as marked. Come out and find your end of Summer inspiration, while supporting a good cause.

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Next Weekend: “Heart of Silence” Weekend Retreat with Kosi

If you haven’t already registered, there is still space available at Kosi’s “Heart of Silence” weekend retreat! August 18-20 at Meditation Mount. This retreat offers the deepest support for resting your mind in the infinite Silence of your Heart, offering you the opportunity to directly discover the peace, freedom, and lasting happiness of your inherent nature.
Click here to learn more and register now.

Also, you can meet Kosi the day before for a Satsang at The Ojai Retreat.
Click here for more information.

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Congratulations Newlyweds!

Meditation Mount is a perfect place to have a non-denominational, sacred wedding ceremony. The International Garden of Peace, Auditorium and Terrace are surrounded by stunning views on all sides. Visit the Mount anytime we are open, Wednesday through Sunday, click here for more information on weddings, or send an information request to Caitlin,

(above) Justin Grant and Ivy Tai were married here on April 7, 2012 with their closest friends and family during a beautiful sunset. Congratulations to these newlyweds! Justin, a Thacher School Alumni, now has another milestone memory in Ojai.

(above) Zachary Kuney and Maisa Fernandez were married on the View Point of the International Garden of Peace on June 30, 2012. A scene from a dream come true for this beautiful couple who knew they would say their vows at Meditation Mount since the first time they came here together.

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The Books of Alice Bailey: Now Online – And Free!

This just in! The entire collected works of Master Djwhal Khul & Alice A. Bailey are now live online FREE on the updated website! Beautiful new look for a stupendous series of Teachings! Released July Full Moon 2012.

For more information Click Here!

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Visiting The Bench of Dreams

Caitlin Jean and her dog, Rain, share the dream of a more loving world, on the Bench of Dreams, June 28, 2012.

As you stroll through the International Garden of Peace, just past the lily pond, nestled at the edge of the grassy view point you will find the Bench of Dreams. This bench was hand crafted by Ramon Byrne out of 1,200 year old growth Douglas Fir reclaimed from the Ventura-Ojai rail line in honor of one of the Mount’s most beloved visitors, Dr. Robert Muller. Muller is well known for over 40 years of outstanding work with the United Nations in areas such as economics and the environment, world peace and spirituality. He was forever optimistic and a prolific writer, also known for spontaneously playing “Ode to Joy” on the harmonica!
The original Bench of Dreams is located at the base of Mt. Rasur, Costa Rica, which is a place where dreams have a way of simply manifesting into reality. Next to the bench is the small indigenous farmhouse where Robert Muller wrote his “2000 Dreams and Ideas for the Year 2000.” At present, and prior to the year 2000, over one hundred of his dreams have been fulfilled!
Visitors of Meditation Mount are invited to experience our Bench of Dreams. Dr. Muller suggests that you place a pebble or stone in each hand, press the two hands together, and with eyes closed – dream of something good for the world. When opening the eyes, one stone is thrown onto the Earth, so that the sacred Earth will remember the dream, and the other stone is taken home as a reminder of the dream.
Robert Muller passed at the age of 87 in September 2010. In his physical absence, we give attention and gratitude to Robert’s dreams by creating the Bench of Dreams at Meditation Mount.
You can find Muller’s “Most of All They Taught Me Happiness,” first published in 1978, for purchase in the Meditation Mount Tea Room. There are limited copies signed by Muller himself. Meditation Mount also carries “Prophet: The Hatmaker’s Son: The Life of Robert Muller” by Douglas Gillies.

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Summer Sunset at The Mount

This weekend one of our guests happened to be Dan Hashemi, a professional photographer visiting from Toronto, Canada with his family. He shared this beautiful image of a Summer sunset from the View Point in the International Garden of Peace. Click the image to enlarge.

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You’re Invited to the Global Resource Alliance 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Global Resource Alliance would like to honor 10 years of your support with dinner at beautiful Meditation Mount on Saturday, June 23 from 7:00-9:30pm. Following dinner, GRA’s directors and special guest Julious Piti will present a slide show of GRA’s latest accomplishments and lessons learned over the last 10 years. Click here for more information.
This is FREE fundraising event open to the community. Please RSVP to ensure we prepare enough food for everyone. Space is limited. To RSVP, call Monica at (805) 272-5645 or e-mail

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Meditation Mount welcomes your participation in World Invocation Day!

June 3 – 4, 2012
24 Hour Global Vigil — Using the Great Invocation every 15 Minutes
Every year, since 1952, people in all parts of the world have celebrated World Invocation Day on the day of the Gemini full moon. It is a global day of prayer and meditation when people of different spiritual paths invoke energies of Light, Love and Spiritual Purpose, using the Great Invocation.
You are invited to link in with others around the world in a 24-hour Vigil for World Invocation Day beginning in your own time zone 12 hours before the full moon and ending 12 hours after the full moon. Together may we link with all who love humanity and the Earth to invoke the Light, Love and Power of Divinity and visualize these benificent energies strengthening all being done in the world to build right relations and goodwill. Our work in these Vigils will be to stand with all human beings who, at this time of transition, are actively working to create a more cooperative, compassionate and equitable world.
What to do: Choose a particular period or periods of time when you will hold a meditative focus and sound the Great Invocation on the quarter hour. You can participate in the Vigil as an individual or as a group. Click here for more information.
On the rhythmic pulse of every quarter of an hour imagine the Great Invocation being sounded throughout the world for the 24 hours.
You can choose the times you will take part in the Vigil in your local time and Register By Clicking Here.
When registering please be sure to select, as your first step, the World Invocation Day Vigil – you must click on the Vigil. No times will be displayed if you do not complete this step. All times displayed are in your local time zone.

Bless the world!

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International Visitors at Meditation Mount!

The energy of the Divine Feminine shines brightly at Meditation Mount.
Four dynamic women of great vision, dedication and focus have come together from different parts of the world to create a global bridge at Meditation Mount. Sóla Braga, Elisabetta Raspini, Jeanne Marie, Ellen Hall met in the International Garden of Peace here at the Mount last week, to share ideas on education, ecology, the arts, the new economy, and to explore what is possible for the world through group endeavor, meditation and creative collaboration.

Photo By: Caitlin Jean Photography

From left to right:
Sóla Braga, of Iceland, currently living in Denmark, is a world renowned opera singer who performs all over the world. She graced the Mount with a spectacular performance on Sunday, May 20th, the night of the Solar Eclipse.
Elizabetta Raspini, of The Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy, taught Psychosynthesis and Creative Meditation here at the Mount this month.
Ellen Hall, visionary Director of Meditation Mount, has been a creative and dynamic leader in the Ojai Valley since 1980.
Jeanne Marie, of Pirenopolis, Brazil, is an architect, and the founder of Caraivas, a center for Integral Ecology that provides hospitality to 40 guests at a time, and includes a pristine natural environment with a beautiful waterfall.

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Local girl comes home to get married at her favorite place in all the world!

Cory Coffey, women’s world BMX champion, rides the wheels of the golf cart to the vista for her wedding ceremony. From all of us at Meditation Mount we wish you and Stephan our best!

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