Astrological Meanings for the Full Moons

Esoteric astrology is the astrology of the soul. (The more ordinary and familiar form of astrology is concerned with the human personality.) Esoteric astrology has been passed down to us primarily through the writing of Alice A. Bailey, as dictated by the Master D.K.

For humanity, the goal of evolution is to bring our outer personal self in line with our inner spiritual purpose. Esoteric astrology helps us to do that by understanding the nature of soul and the guiding principles which move us in our personal life toward being more loving, compassionate and just human beings.

The twelve signs of the zodiac, along with the planets in our solar system, influence our consciousness with these principles. Each full moon celebration at Meditation Mount gives us an opportunity to focus our attention on these universal principles and to experience within the group field the spiritual energies as they move down into our conscious awareness.

Aries Full Moon

Aries is the initiator of every cycle of manifestation. The Aries personality may be reckless and impulsive. When aligned with soul intent, Aries moves the creative impulse to toward a new goal.

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Taurus Full Moon

Taurus provides us with the desire and drive to push ahead against all obstacles. When that desire is transformed into aspiration the goal becomes illumination.

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Gemini Full Moon

Gemini brings to our awareness the duality of all manifested life. We come to know ourselves as dual beings ─ mental and emotional, higher mind and lower mind, and finally soul and personality.

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Cancer Full Moon

In Cancer our awareness is centered on the form side of life. It is the Mother aspect, the womb of time and the identification of self with mass consciousness. The Cancer form receives and holds Father-spirit.

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Leo Full Moon

Leo marks the birth of self-consciousness. Leo identity resides first with the self-centered ego and then later becomes self-consciousness centered in the soul.

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Virgo Full Moon

Virgo is the sign of the virgin mother. She holds the hidden Christ in her womb. The Virgo personality can be critical, but as she evolves she assumes responsibility for nurturing the divine life within.

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Libra Full Moon

Libra is the balance point in the zodiac. It is the decision point that we face each moment when we choose to think and act selfishly or to direct our path toward selfless, spiritual service.

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Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio is the sign of the triumphant disciple. As a personality, Scorpio can deliver a harmful scorpion sting. However, once on the spiritual path, trials and struggles no longer slow the disciple’s progress.

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Sagittarius Full Moon

Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker. In Sagittarius, we evolve from associating ourselves with the material side of life to identifying with our spiritual goals. The archer hits his mark and moves to the next goal.

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Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn is the sign of the initiate. It is the symbol of the goat climbing up the mountain. As a personality, Capricorn can be willful and selfishly driven, but when motivated by spiritual will the mountain top becomes attainable.

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Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius is the sign of the world server. The goal of Aquarius is group consciousness. The Aquarius personality may be focused on narrow instinctual pursuits. When the soul is in control, Aquarius moves us to join with others to improve the lives of all beings.

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Pisces Full Moon

Pisces is the sign of the world savior. As Aries is the beginning of everything, Pisces is the end of all cycles. The Pisces personality tends to be fluid and emotional. With evolution Pisces brings clear vision, insight and a fine intuitive sensitivity.

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