Sagittarius Full Moon

by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D., Esoteric Astrologer

It is the sign of Sagittarius that drives us to progress and succeed in life, whether our struggle is for material or spiritual gain. As human beings we set goals, we achieve them, and then we set new goals. We evolve by seeking more light and by expanding beyond our self-imposed boundaries.

Sagittarius is represented by three different symbols that demonstrate the developing human consciousness. The symbols for Sagittarius are:
First – the Centaur,
Second – the Archer astride a White Horse, and
Third – a simple Arrow.

The Centaur is a creature from Greek mythology ─ the head, arms and torso of a man attached to the body, four legs, and tail of a horse. This half horse/half man represents primitive man’s ascent from his animal nature to human consciousness. The symbol of the Centaur suggests a continuing strong identification with our baser and less evolved nature.

The Archer astride the White Horse presents us with an image of a more evolved person; one who is not tied to the form nature. He is able to move freely between the experience of spiritual life and the life of appearance or form. The White Horse represents the Soul. The Archer is able to dismount the great White Steed and re-connect with the Earth plane for the sake of serving humanity.

From the elevated position astride the White Horse, human beings function with an integrated personality and Soul. As the Archer, our consciousness is not limited by the mental, emotional and physical functioning of the personality alone. We have access to a much deeper knowledge and the wisdom of the Soul through use of our intuition. We aspire to greater and greater achievements. The Archer, with a quiver full of arrows, spies a goal, draws his bow, launches his arrow, and follows it directly to the goal. He sees the next goal and continues his quest, repeating the process until he reaches his final goal ─ which is the Path of Initiation at the foot of the mountain in Capricorn.

The third symbol, the arrow, carries the aspiration of the Archer into a new field of experience. It carries with it our spiritual intention from one level of consciousness to the next higher level, each time attaining a more inclusive experience and deeper understanding of our purpose for this lifetime.
Sagittarius is known for its one-pointed, honest seeking after that which is meaningful and significant. Significance from the spiritual perspective requires sincerity and focus.

In the following quote from Alice A. Bailey’s “Esoteric Astrology,” we see how in Sagittarius, the human intellect evolves into a higher mental capacity leading to the opening of the intuitive faculty.
“In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illumined, becomes sensitive to a still higher type of mental experience and to this we give the name of intuitive perception. There come flashes of light upon problems; a distant yet possible vision of attainment is seen; the man begins to climb out of the depths to which he has descended in Scorpio and sees ahead of him the mountain in Capricorn which he knows he must eventually climb. He walks no longer in the dark, for he sees what he has to do and he therefore makes rapid progress ‘fast upon the Way.’ He ‘flies from point to point, searching for arrows which he has discharged’. He has, figuratively speaking, to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him; he travels on the ‘wings of soul’…”

This paragraph sums up for us the Sagittarius experience; one-pointed seeking after that which is meaningful and significant to spiritual progress. The experience begins with an inner restlessness that we all experience from time to time. We have these momentary glimpses of a deeper meaning or purpose. For an instant, we see through the veil of illusion and view the existential truth ─ exactly as it is.

Sagittarius leads us on a direct path from idealism to aspiration to spiritual search to a developed inner vision and a profoundly sensitive intuitive function which leads us eventually and most assuredly to the feet of the Master.

The Keyword for Sagittarius is: “I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.”

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