Scorpio Full Moon

by Ron Thurlow, Ph.D., Esoteric Astrologer

The astrological sign of Libra provides us with an opportunity to decide which direction to travel as we go forward on the wheel of life. This is a pivotal choice. Do we take the outer path of illusion and separation or do we choose the reverse direction and tread the inner path of return?

When we choose the path of return, the sign of Scorpio governs the journey. Scorpio rules the trials, tests and challenges that each person endures on the road to self-realization. In The Ageless Wisdom, this is called the Path of Discipleship.

Scorpio has three symbols ─ the scorpion, the phoenix and the eagle.

The first symbol, the scorpion, is a crawling insect armed with a deadly sting. It represents desire and greed. The scorpion is concerned only with self-preservation and selfish pursuits indicative of the early stages of human development. The person endures terrible pain and suffering as the ego pursues one desire after another. In time, after lengthy struggles and many trials, the scorpion begins its journey to personality integration, and transcends its baser nature. In this stage, the human character begins to take shape. We begin to value inner spiritual growth more than outer material gain. We balance the desire for acquisition of power and material wealth with selfless values ─ kindness and compassion and generosity.

A disciple on the path of return encounters grave difficulties caused by the overwhelming force of human ignorance. Widely held beliefs on the lower mental and emotional levels pressure us to accept and justify dysfunctional and harmful thinking and behavior. At this stage, it is hard not to react when confronting the energies of fear, shame and anger from internal or external sources.

As the pilgrim advances on the path of discipleship, only those who possess the courage to perform a rigorous inner survey receive the keys to advancement. What is required of us is the fearlessness to investigate the depths of our darkest psychological shadows. And we must have the openness to accept the light of new insights. What the key reveals is the secret to raising the vibration of negative energies and transmuting darkness into light. To accomplish this spiritual alchemy, one must risk an open heart and embrace humility.

One’s spiritual practice must include self-discipline and service to humanity, as well as time for meditation, spiritual group work and always kindness in word, thought and deed.

Whereupon, we encounter the second symbol in Scorpio ─ the phoenix. According to legend, the phoenix is a mythological bird that lived for 500 years or more before being consumed by flames and dying a fiery death. But the phoenix magically arises from its own ashes to live once more in splendid glory. The phoenix represents transformation. It symbolizes immortality, idealism and hope. Here the person emerges from the ashes of his self-centered ego and assumes his or her position as an honorable and altruistic human being.

The phoenix is the symbol of the arising of spirit from the ashes of a form that could no longer imprison it. Transmutation is the destruction of mental and emotional constructs that support the illusion of a separate personal self. The shattering of these false ideas introduces crises in the life of the evolving personality. There comes a time when the ego must let go of all points of reference upon which it is dependent for the safety and security of its identity. At that time, it becomes abundantly clear that the only safety is an inner awareness of our relationship with soul. With transformation comes freedom. The freedom and knowledge that the universe is in perfect order and the freedom to comprehend that we are in God’s hands.
The third symbol in the Sign of Scorpio is the majestic eagle. The eagle represents liberation ─ the solar angel in free flight, soaring through the heavens. The eagle stands for freedom from the hardships and suffering that plague us in our earthly existence. Freedom is won through surrender of our personality and its eventual fusion with the soul. When we talk about the eagle, we are speaking of the completion of the Scorpio experience ─ the end of our earthly struggles and the beginning of full soul consciousness. In The Ageless Wisdom the symbol of the Scorpio eagle is “the triumphant disciple”.

The Keyword for Scorpio is: “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge Triumphant.”

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