Crossing the Threshold

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Hello Again, Even though Meditation Mount has been closed for the past two years, we certainly have not been dormant!  During these two years, a seed has germinated, taken root, and sprouted — a testament to our renewal and re-flowering.  After the smoke of the Thomas Fire cleared, we took the time to listen. Our practice of Creative Meditation served …

Attraversando la Soglia

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Eccoci di nuovo a indirizzarvi un caro saluto! Anche se negli ultimi due anni Meditation Mount ha sospeso le sue attività, noi certamente non siamo rimasti inattivi! Durante questi due anni un seme ha germinato, ha messo radici ed è germogliato – come testimonianza del nostro  rinnovarci e  rifiorire. Una volta che il fumo del Thomas Fire si è dissolto, …

Global Silent Minute – December 21st, 2019 – 1pm PST

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Greetings Meditation Mount Friend! JOIN US ONLINE for a special One Minute Meditation, tomorrow, Saturday December 21st at 1pm PST. Meditation Mount will be participating in this upcoming time of Global spiritual focus known as “Festival Week” of the New Group of World Servers. “The Global Silent Minute”, that coincides with the first day of Festival Week, is very much …

Emerging Collective Dreams

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Greetings Meditation Mount Friend! Thank you again for your involvement and interest in Meditation Mount. I’m writing to update you on the Mount and to invite you to visit again. As President of the Board of Directors, I am often asked to speak on behalf of the Mount and to share about Creative Meditation and the Pathways and Principles central to the …

Sogni Collettivi Emergenti

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Caro amico di Meditation Mount! Grazie ancora per il tuo coinvolgimento e l’interesse per Meditation Mount. Ti scrivo per aggiornarti su MM e per invitarti a visitarci di nuovo. Come presidente del consiglio direttivo, mi viene spesso chiesto di parlare a nome di Meditation Mount e di condividere sui temi della “Meditazione Creativa” e delle “Leggi e Principi” così fondamentali per il …

La Promessa di Rinnovamento

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Cara Amica, Caro Amico, È con molta gratitudine che inviamo un riassunto del processo di rinnovamento di Meditation Mount dopo il Thomas Fire, l’incendio avvenuto due anni fa. Come sapete, Meditation Mount ha subito gravi danni nel dicembre 2017, quando un incendio si è propagato da Santa Paula attraverso Ventura, fino alla costa nella Contea di Santa Barbara, circondando lungo …

The Promise of Renewal

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Dear Friend, It is with great gratitude that we share here a summary of the Mount’s renewal since the Thomas Fire, which occurred two years ago today. As you know, Meditation Mount suffered extensive damage in December 2017 when the fire swept from upper Santa Paula through Ventura, and up the coast into Santa Barbara County, encircling the entire Ojai …

pyrophytic experience

Thomas and the Pyrophytic Experience  

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Just over a year ago an intense wildfire named Thomas swept through and past Meditation Mount’s property. And while the fire itself is long gone, its effects are still present — much like a boat whose wake continues to impact the surface of the water long after it has passed.

The Sun Never Sets and the Soul Always Shines

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It would be difficult to refute the assertion that this has been a particularly challenging year aboard spaceship Earth. In terms of social upheaval, political tension, factional strife and natural disasters, 2018 ranks high on an all-time Top Ten list. Here in southern California we have faced prolonged drought, devastating wildfires and now, drenching rains threaten to destabilize scorched and …

24 Hands Powered by 12 Huge Hearts

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The Mount has a team of two to maintain her 31.2 acres of land, 5 buildings and the International Garden of Peace. Although Tim Hall and Miguel Contreras are sometimes viewed as superhuman in all that they accomplish, the devastating scene after December 2017 was absolutely daunting, even for them.