The Fall and Rise of Society

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This month we find ourselves bathed in the fiery energies of the constellation of Aries – the zodiacal sign that heralds new beginnings and affirms that resurrection follows death: just as surely as day follows night. [read more]

The Mother of the Mount

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florence-from-oq-250wShe’d seen the West and East coasts. She’d seen the Caribbean. She’d seen Italy and England. But, as the story goes, when Florence Garrigue first stood on a rock-strewn hill in Ojai’s East End in 1968, the tiny woman knew she’d finally found the perfect place to carry out her very large vision. [read more]

The Power to Serve

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Meditation - The Power to Serve
Through the classroom of everyday life we are learning to develop more loving and respectful relationships with each other. But what happens when we introduce a new element into the equation and the power of ‘who I am’ meets the power of ‘who you are’? [read more]

What Is Creative Meditation?

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We have only to look at the process by which man creates everything around him to see the role of thought: the first and necessary step is an idea. This he then develops by clothing it with more and more thought and planning and by giving it the energy of his desire and intention until it eventually emerges in a tangible form. This is the method employed by all who are successful in the material world – how much more important for it to be used for spiritual purposes!

The Baptism of Fire

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Humanity stands knocking on the door of a better future but the portal is temporarily barred by a Dweller on the Threshold. We are being denied access because, collectively, we have yet to find the magic key that will unlock the gates of the desired new world. This hidden key is the Fire of Love and it lives and burns and is safeguarded deep within the heart of each person. [read more]

A High Degree of Success

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A whole host of spiritual teachers over the years has encouraged us to appreciate and utilize every moment and every encounter as an opportunity to learn, grow and serve. So what if our souls have enrolled us in the School of Life with the goal of realizing our Essential Divinity and we have failed to consciously register this fact? [read more]

The Light of the World

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The recent Paris attacks and numerous other atrocities around the world have created an atmosphere of fear and cast a temporary pall upon the prospect of a brighter future. There are dark clouds brewing within the collective psyche. Here is the good news: The antidote to darkness is light. [read more]

Choosing the Higher Middle Way

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As the Sun moves into that sector of space occupied by the constellation Libra we are presented with a specific set of challenges and opportunities. Libra is an Air sign in which a state of dynamic equilibrium and inner poise may eventually be brought about by facing the dilemma of duality and by choosing wisely to resolve this tug-of-war between the ‘pairs of opposites’.

The Virgin Birth

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This month finds us immersed in the energies of the constellation Virgo which acts as custodian of the “hidden Light of God” and represents “the womb of time wherein God’s Plan is slowly matured and brought into manifestation at the appointed time”. Read more about the Virgo Moon…