Joyful Expectancy

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We are carrying the promised child of a brighter future in our hearts, swaddled in the vivacious dreams and aspirations of the awakening Soul of Humanity. No amount of outer gloom can dampen the joyful expectancy that accompanies this birth.

Sowing Seeds of Hope

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Here in the northern hemisphere, April heralds the advent of spring when the Fire of Aries impregnates and awakens the dormant seeds with promise and possibility. These ‘messengers of hope’ enter the soil of a new season and, through an earthy embrace from the constellation of Taurus, the light of the future is firmly anchored in matter.

Writing Our True Story

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Teilhard de Chardin concluded that Truth is the complete coherence of the universe in relation to every point contained within it. Read more on the long road towards this ultimate manifestation of Truth.

The Promise of Light

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Here in the northern hemisphere we are fast approaching the Winter Solstice when we celebrate the return of the Light after the darkest day of the year. Each turning of the Great Wheel of Time moves the procession of the seasons forward with their respective forms of celebration.

Esoteric Advent

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The Christmas season is a time when Cosmic Love is birthing new Consciousness in concert with our planetary cycles.‘Esoteric Advent’ is a ‘living design’ intended to bring higher spiritual realities into daily living for “participating Souls”. As one long breath of God nurturing and bringing forth the Soul in all things, it is intended to bring forth the Soul in ever greater measure—the human Soul, the group Soul and the Soul of Humanity.

World Psychosynthesis Day

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Meditation Mount’s Board of Directors joyfully shares in the celebration of World Psychosynthesis Day. Psychosynthesis was developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli – a leading pioneer of the 20th century in the field of psychology and spiritual development – who was also the primary source of inspiration and guidance for the spreading of Creative Meditation and the founding of Meditation Mount.

International Leadership Program in Brazil

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Meditation Mount is pleased to share with our community a great learning and development experience for young people from all over the globe (from 18-35 years old) who want to engage in potentializing their inner talents and make an authentic contribution to the challenges we face today in the world.

More Radiant than the Sun

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There are those profound moments in life when everything comes to a sudden and unexpected halt and we find ourselves reflecting on deep matters of meaning and belonging. Questions such as, “Who am I and what on earth am I doing?” demand an answer and unsettle the psyche with their insistence.

Shaping Our Future

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It can be somewhat confusing at times to make sense of the vast array of meditative methods and practices being proffered on our smart phones and computer screens. Social media is awash with all manner of offerings promising to make us feel more relaxed, at peace and enlightened.