The Power to Serve

Meditation - Power to Serve
Mastering the right use of power appears to be a major test facing humanity today. Whether we are speaking about political, corporate and citizen power or that particular form of energy which powers our computers and home appliances, there is a need to better understand this natural driving force.
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The Baptism of Fire

fire and love
Humanity stands knocking on the door of a better future but the portal is temporarily barred by a Dweller on the Threshold. We are being denied access because, collectively, we have yet to find the magic key that will unlock the gates of the desired new world. This hidden key is the Fire of Love and it lives and burns and is safeguarded deep within the heart of each person.
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A High Degree of Success

A whole host of spiritual teachers over the years has encouraged us to appreciate and utilize every moment and every encounter as an opportunity to learn, grow and serve.

So what if our souls have enrolled us in the School of Life with the goal of realizing our Essential Divinity and we have failed to consciously register this fact? The pedagogical approach in Classroom Earth appears to be ‘action learning’ where we are called to think, sense, do and then reflect before acting again in a wiser manner. Development is not based on individual competition but rather it is a group endeavor in consciousness expansion and so cooperation is a pre-requisite for success. Ideally, we progress along an upward spiral path of growth – however, in reality, we often get caught in a loop and find ourselves repeating lessons until they are finally learned.
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The Light of the World


The recent Paris attacks and numerous other atrocities around the world have created an atmosphere of fear and cast a temporary pall upon the prospect of a brighter future. There are dark clouds brewing within the collective psyche. Here is the good news: The antidote to darkness is light.
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2015 Annual Report


For over 44 years Meditation Mount has been a place for people to find inner peace, encouragement and the necessary tools to lead a more soul-centered life. In order to preserve and protect this sacred place we have embarked on a fundraising initiative, with a goal to raise $100,000 by July 2016.

The Mount is supported entirely by donations from visitors and friends and we need your help. Please consider making a donation today so we can all continue to benefit from this place of stillness, inspiration and great natural beauty.

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The sign above the Auditorium declares, “Group Meditation as a Service to Humanity” and since 1971 we have held study groups, daily meditations and monthly full moon gatherings that are open to all. We are committed to continuing this much appreciated and valuable service.

Our 2015 Annual Report presents our recent accomplishments, including new revenue streams, infrastructure upgrades, programming, and land improvements. To view the one page report, click here (PDF, 10MB).

Meditation Mount seeks to be a conscious contributor to a healthier and more sustainable world. In the same way that trees produce the needed oxygen for our planet, we see the work of the Mount providing the needed ‘spiritual oxygen’ that allows us to breathe and live from the depth of our souls.

We are deeply grateful for all who have given of their time, passion and financial gifts over the years – this support is our life-blood. It is said that, “Right circulation is the hallmark of a healthy system” and so we invite you as a friend of Meditation Mount to contribute and ensure that there is right circulation of resources. We invite you to give from your heart so that we may continue to give to you and to our world for many more years to come.

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With much love and gratitude from all at Meditation Mount,

Ellen Hall
Executive Director

Michael Lindfield
Board President

Choosing the Higher Middle Way

As the Sun moves into that sector of space occupied by the constellation Libra we are presented with a specific set of challenges and opportunities. Libra is an Air sign in which a state of dynamic equilibrium and inner poise may eventually be brought about by facing the dilemma of duality and by choosing wisely to resolve this tug-of-war between the ‘pairs of opposites’.
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The Virgin Birth


This month finds us immersed in the energies of the constellation Virgo which acts as custodian of the “hidden Light of God” and represents “the womb of time wherein God’s Plan is slowly matured and brought into manifestation at the appointed time”.

Within the passage of this astrological sign there is a particular invitation calling to us from the heart of the Earth to explore a deep mystery: namely, the mystery of the Virgin Birth.

“As above, so below” is an ancient axiom declaring the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and that the great archetypal cosmic drama plays out on the stage of each human life. The story of the Virgin Birth recounted in the many religious and spiritual teachings is therefore a very real and intimately personal event waiting to come to term within each one of us.

With every creative act we participate in the marriage of heaven and earth, of spirit and matter. With every creative act we enter into the ritual of polar union – the holy communion of the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of the One Life, that when fully consummated, gives birth to a new Light that we call Christ Consciousness.

So what is the deep inner work that each of us must engage in to prepare ourselves for the inner marriage? What is the subtle labor of love that is called for in order to receive and conceive the Fire of Higher Union so that Christ, as God Immanent, is born in the virgin space of the human heart?

In simple terms, we might say that ‘purity of intent, purity of heart and purity of action’ is the Spiritual Approach required for delivering our Essential and Eternal Nature within the temporal fields of earthly existence.

The message of the soul in Virgo is, “I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, matter am.”

And so to this end, our appointed work could be seen as the daily labor of shaping and holding a pure, distortion-free and loving state of consciousness – a fecund field into which the fiery seed of spirit can enter and impregnate the pristine space of the heart with purpose and the promise of new possibilities.

(image credit: Raphael’s Madonnen und Heilige Familien, 1881 – courtesy of Pamla J. Eisenberg / CC 2.0)

The Principle of Essential Divinity


The Esoteric Philosophy has long held the view that, in the ultimate sense, all that exists is sacred and divine. For reasons that we (as human beings) are not able to fathom, the One Life manifests itself in and as Cosmos. It is the One becoming the many.
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The Law of Group Endeavor

The Law of Group EndeavorBecause the soul is simply an agent in support of the inner ashram, its work in the world is always done in group formation. Such an understanding is crucial when we begin to consider The Law of Group Endeavor.

Always the soul works within the context of an inner group (or several groups) coming forth from the ashram found upon the buddhic plane. Though members of the inner ashram may establish collaborative initiatives in their outer service, it is nonetheless important to realize that the group is a subjective fusion of souls.
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2015 Leo Full Moon Presentation

The following notes are from the Leo Full Moon Meditation, held at Meditation Mount on Thursday, July 30th.

Astrology helps us understand the order of the universe and our place in it individually and collectively.

Each full moon we come together here at Meditation Mount to contemplate a universal principle. Each month, we sit as a group, and bring down into manifestation those energies and gifts which are being offered to us from the spiritual plane. This month those gifts will come through the portal of Leo.
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