Visit From The Brown Bear


The pond in the International Garden of Peace is truly a Group Endeavor reflecting those words carved into the boulder at the edge of the pond. The participants are the stones, water, plants, the fish and frogs, the water lilies, the sun activating the solar pump to create the waterfall and its sound, the insects such as the bees and dragon flies.
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Join Us for the Full Moon Meditation in Cancer


cancer full moon meditationThe Cancer full moon brings our awareness to humanity’s relationship with Mother Earth. The divine feminine aspect is the life and purpose of all forms – whether mineral, plant, animal or human.

Capricorn and Cancer are opposites, with Capricorn representing the spirit side and Cancer the form side. Cancer demonstrates the life and activity of the form side. Where Capricorn exhibits the causal or life aspect.

Join us on Tuesday, June 30th at 7pm for a Cancer Full Moon Meditation in Ojai, CA.

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Calling in the Light


On Tuesday June 2nd we will be celebrating World Invocation Day, together with many thousands of individuals and groups around the planet.

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World Invocation Day – June 2, 2015

Information on This Vigil
Vigilia del Día Mundial de Invocación
Giornata Mondiale Dell’ Invocazione

Every year, since 1952, people in all parts of the world have celebrated World Invocation Day on the day of the June full moon. It is a global day of prayer and meditation when people of different spiritual paths invoke energies of Light, Love and Spiritual Purpose, using the Great Invocation.

Listen to Eleanor Roosevelt Reading the Great Invocation On World Invocation Day, 1952.

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This is a gentle, restorative class designed to help you deeply relax, stretch and breathe into the tight places that need it most. Please bring any props you may have such as straps, blocks, blankets, bolsters, etc.

All ages and all levels are welcome. We have some yoga mats to share but please bring your own if you have one.

$10 suggested donation / sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Partners In The Plan

The Ageless Wisdom teachings offer us a valuable roadmap and set of navigational instruments for our journey into deeper levels of consciousness and self-awareness.

Like each one of us, the sacred eco-system we call Planet Earth is also evolving and seeking to fulfill the light-filled promise of its destiny within the greater Solar Family. Evolving lives within evolving lives within evolving lives.

The Tibetan teacher Master DK explains that three things are required of humanity to create the right psycho-spiritual soil conditions in which the solar seed containing this light-filled planetary promise can germinate and flourish. They are: acceptance of the reality of the Soul, recognition of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the realization of a Divine Plan.

In February we explored the concept of the Kingdom of Souls (aka the Spiritual Hierarchy or fifth kingdom) and put forward the idea that this realm of post-graduate humans represents the full flowering of the promise held within the heart and soul of humanity. It is what we aspire to become as soul-infused personalities.

In March, the statement was made that if we view all the kingdoms of Nature (from the dense visible plane to the refined invisible realms that comprise the full spectrum of existence) as aspects of One Planetary Life, then closer cooperation between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy is simply Life communing with Itself in a deeper and more intentional way.

Last month it was suggested that just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the carrot so the seed of a brighter future held within the Planetary Logos contains the vision and promise of a society that expresses “heaven on earth”. This ‘seed idea’ with its awesome pattern of possibilities is the spiritual architecture of a new world commonly referred to as the Divine Plan.

We know from the Ageless Wisdom teachings that a major task for those who are called to serve this Plan is to help prepare the way for the externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ. In other words, the work of creating a bridge of resonance that facilitates direct communion and cooperation between humanity and the Kingdom of Souls as well as establishing a fecund field for the emergence and appearance of the Christ Presence that lives within the heart of each person.

One way to assist in the ‘externalization’ is to approach this task as a process of ‘internalization’. By contacting and embodying the qualities and characteristics of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Presence of the Soul eventually becomes an ‘internalized’ reality within the group consciousness of humanity. The soul qualities referred to include compassion, wisdom, light, love, joy and goodwill. Once a certain degree of embodiment has been reached then the group field becomes a magnetic point of precipitation for the Plan.

It is not our place to tell another person what they should or should not believe and all we can do is invite each other to reflect on what is true for us in relation to these important topics. In that spirit, let me leave you with a question to ponder:

“What is the true nature of my relationship with the soul, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Divine Plan and what active part am I possibly being called to play in this great planetary adventure of revelation?”

Reflections by Michael Lindfield, President of the Board

(image courtesy Berit Watkin / CC2.0)

The Full Moon Wesak Legend


Full Moon Meditation in Taurus

Sunday, May 3rd

Our next full moon celebration is on May 3rd in the solar month of Taurus. It is also the celebration of Wesak. Wesak is a festival which takes place in a remote valley in the Himalayas at the full moon of May.

The legend is that in this valley there is a large flat rock upon which rests a great crystal bowl full of water. At the exact time of the full moon, the Buddha blesses the world and the Christ receives the blessing on behalf of humanity adding impetus to the spirit of love and to wisdom renewed. The blessed water in the bowl is then distributed in tiny portions as the participants return to undertake another year of world service. So runs the ancient legend.

At Meditation Mount we also incorporate the water ceremony in our May evening full moon meditation. Inspirational music by David Henderson starts at 7:00 and the meditation begins at 7:30 followed by a blessing of the world on the terrace.

Delivering The Divine Promise

This is the third in a series of reflections (beginning in February 2015) on the opportunity for closer cooperation between the various life-streams (aka kingdoms) that comprise the Life of our Planet. We have been focusing on the new level of collaboration required between the Fourth Kingdom (Humanity) and the Fifth Kingdom (the Spiritual Hierarchy or Kingdom of Souls) to spark and manifest a vision of a world living in right relationship with itself.


What if we were to view the emerging global coalition of individuals and groups, whose hearts have been opened to the call to build this new world, as creative partners with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the outworking of a deep desire burning within the Heart and Mind of the Creator.

Seen in this new light, each of our group endeavors constitutes interdependent points of expression and diverse aspects of a grand strategy to materialize the beauty of a Divine Dream. This Divine Dream will be achieved through a concerted celebration of ‘splendid multi-formity’ requiring the active participation of every living soul in cooperation with the Subtle Worlds.

Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the crunchy carrot so the vision alive in the Planetary Logos contains the pattern and promise of a tangible “heaven on earth”. This pattern is what we refer to as the Divine Plan. Right now it is being streamed to us ‘live’ from the heart of the Kingdom of Souls into the ethers of our collective human consciousness to ignite and mobilize us.

The promise within any seed can only be shown by being sown and grown and, likewise, the Dream of the Logos depends on the creative imagination and labor of humanity to give it shape and substance. It has been said that we are the ‘hands and feet’ of the Kingdom of Souls here on Earth. Perhaps the joyful call we are sensing is the registering of an inspiration to create a masterpiece that is not confined to canvas or marble but encompasses and utilizes the entire world.

The building of a New Civilization infused with the qualities of the Soul is an artwork of the highest order. The full flowering of this daring vision may take several hundreds or thousands of years to accomplish but the time to sow the seeds and to prepare the soil is definitely now.

Creating the right psychological soil conditions within the human family to receive the fiery Seed of New Possibilities requires the practice of a spiritual horticulture that neutralizes the acidity of criticism and hatred and adds the beneficial and enriching elements of joy, compassion, respect and goodwill.

Through this pragmatic and spiritual approach we are helping to lay the foundations of the desired new world and deliver on the Divine Promise.

Reflections by Michael Lindfield, President of Board of Directors.

A Meditation on Peace

post by: Caitlin Jean Petersen

In these tumultuous times, in America and abroad, let us take a moment to remember Nicholas Roerich’s Banner of Peace as a global symbol and a call to peaceful action. Since time immemorial, warriors have carried banners into war. This is a banner of peace; this ancient universal symbol is one of the world’s oldest. Its three spheres were designated by Nicholas Roerich, the designer of the banner, as the synthesis of all arts, all sciences, and all faiths within the circle of culture.

The Pact of Culture by Nicholas Roerich, 1931 - courtesy of Center for Peace Through Culture

Wherever the Banner is displayed, it recognizes the great achievement of the past, the present, and the future. It encourages the individual to strive to fulfill his or her highest potential, beautifying all aspects of life; it encourages each person to take responsibility for the evolution of the planet; it signifies the peace-builder; and it symbolizes the transformation of the individual and of society. It represents cooperation — the cornerstone of the emerging planetary culture — in all aspects of human activity.

Nicholas Roerich was a world-renowned artist, philosopher, archaeologist, and author. He created an international treaty, the Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace. It provided that the Banner fly over all historic monuments and educational, artistic, and scientific institutions to indicate special protection and respect in times of war and of peace. It acknowledged that cultural treasures are of lasting value to all people as the common heritage of humanity.

The Pact was introduced by Roerich in New York in 1929, and earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. On April 15, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt presided over ceremonies at the White House in Washington, DC, in which twenty Latin American countries joined the U.S. in signing this historic document.

Nicholas Roerich said, “Positive creativeness is the fundamental quality of the human spirit. Let us welcome all those who, surmounting personal difficulties… propel their spirits to the task of Peace-building, thus ensuring a radiant future.”

There is no better time than now to join together in peace.

The information from this posting, along with the top image (The Pact of Culture by Nicholas Roerich, 1931) was borrowed directly from the Center for Peace through Culture.