World Psychosynthesis Day

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Meditation Mount’s Board of Directors joyfully shares in the celebration of World Psychosynthesis Day. Psychosynthesis was developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli – a leading pioneer of the 20th century in the field of psychology and spiritual development – who was also the primary source of inspiration and guidance for the spreading of Creative Meditation and the founding of Meditation Mount.

International Leadership Program in Brazil

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Meditation Mount is pleased to share with our community a great learning and development experience for young people from all over the globe (from 18-35 years old) who want to engage in potentializing their inner talents and make an authentic contribution to the challenges we face today in the world.

More Radiant than the Sun

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There are those profound moments in life when everything comes to a sudden and unexpected halt and we find ourselves reflecting on deep matters of meaning and belonging. Questions such as, “Who am I and what on earth am I doing?” demand an answer and unsettle the psyche with their insistence.

Shaping Our Future

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It can be somewhat confusing at times to make sense of the vast array of meditative methods and practices being proffered on our smart phones and computer screens. Social media is awash with all manner of offerings promising to make us feel more relaxed, at peace and enlightened.

Rising In Love

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Watching a red-tailed hawk rise in silent graceful arcs above Meditation Mount on a warm spring morning had me pondering on what really gives lift to our lives and can raise our consciousness to new heights. What is that missing element that carries life ever upwards and liberates us from the gravitational pull of earthly fears and fixations? While contemplating this question in the timeless space overlooking the Ojai Valley, the answer came swooping in from the blue above: Unconditional Love.

Taking the Long Way Home

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In those periodic times of personal doubt, disorientation and quiet desperation it can feel as though we are taking the long and winding way home with no real end in sight. Lost in the mists, we implore the heavens to tell us just how much longer this particular passage will last and whether the sun will ever shine again and pierce the dark clouds temporarily obscuring the light of our Soul.

The Dynamo of Discontent

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Have you ever had the nagging feeling that your life doesn’t quite resemble and measure up to what you originally envisioned and aspired to when your heart was full of dreams? If so, there is no need to be alarmed – you are simply experiencing a fact of life that is equally true for a human being, a Planetary Logos or a Galaxy far, far away. It is called, the God Gap syndrome.

The Fall and Rise of Society

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This month we find ourselves bathed in the fiery energies of the constellation of Aries – the zodiacal sign that heralds new beginnings and affirms that resurrection follows death: just as surely as day follows night. [read more]

The Mother of the Mount

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florence-from-oq-250wShe’d seen the West and East coasts. She’d seen the Caribbean. She’d seen Italy and England. But, as the story goes, when Florence Garrigue first stood on a rock-strewn hill in Ojai’s East End in 1968, the tiny woman knew she’d finally found the perfect place to carry out her very large vision. [read more]

The Power to Serve

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Meditation - The Power to Serve
Through the classroom of everyday life we are learning to develop more loving and respectful relationships with each other. But what happens when we introduce a new element into the equation and the power of ‘who I am’ meets the power of ‘who you are’? [read more]