World Psychosynthesis Day

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Meditation Mount’s Board of Directors joyfully shares in the celebration of World Psychosynthesis Day. Psychosynthesis was developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli – a leading pioneer of the 20th century in the field of psychology and spiritual development – who was also the primary source of inspiration and guidance for the spreading of Creative Meditation and the founding of Meditation Mount.

What Is Creative Meditation?

Robert Assagioli Creative Meditation

We have only to look at the process by which man creates everything around him to see the role of thought: the first and necessary step is an idea. This he then develops by clothing it with more and more thought and planning and by giving it the energy of his desire and intention until it eventually emerges in a tangible form. This is the method employed by all who are successful in the material world – how much more important for it to be used for spiritual purposes!

Reflections: On-line Living

Michael Lindfield Creative Meditation

Most of us go on-line each day through our computers, smart phones and other hand-held devices in order to check email messages and use search engines to gather information on various subjects that interest us. But what if we could go on-line and connect with an even greater source of information and wisdom than Google and access a network of …

Path of Self-Discovery and Service to Humanity

Michael Lindfield Creative Meditation

Self-discovery? Who are we? Are we nothing – an empty vessel that needs to be fed from the inside and filled with meaning through external events and objects? Are we a Divine Seed that holds the promise of its own destiny deep within its heart and only needs to be sown and grown in the right conditions for the spirit …

Navigating by the Light of the Soul

Michael Lindfield Creative Meditation

For many of us, this new year has been a time of much needed self-reflection and re-assessment: an opportunity to take stock of where we are and to examine just what is driving our life. One of the questions that I find uppermost in my mind and in the minds of a number of my friends, colleagues and business clients …