Esoteric Advent

Meditation Mount Esoteric Astrology

The Christmas season is a time when Cosmic Love is birthing new Consciousness in concert with our planetary cycles.‘Esoteric Advent’ is a ‘living design’ intended to bring higher spiritual realities into daily living for “participating Souls”. As one long breath of God nurturing and bringing forth the Soul in all things, it is intended to bring forth the Soul in ever greater measure—the human Soul, the group Soul and the Soul of Humanity.

Leo Full Moon Presentation

Meditation Mount Esoteric Astrology, General

Each full moon we come together here at Meditation Mount to contemplate a universal principle. Each month, we sit as a group, and bring down into manifestation those energies and gifts which are being offered to us from the spiritual plane. This month those gifts will come through the portal of Leo.

Cancer Full Moon Talk

Meditation Mount Esoteric Astrology, General

Following is a transcript from the Full Moon Meditation held at Meditation Mount on June 30, 2015. Cancer is the birth sign of humanity. It rules the Mother, the womb and the physical plane birth of humanity. Humanity was manifest on this planet when the completion of the evolutionary cycle within a subset of the animal kingdom was reached.