Crossing the Threshold

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Hello Again, Even though Meditation Mount has been closed for the past two years, we certainly have not been dormant!  During these two years, a seed has germinated, taken root, and sprouted — a testament to our renewal and re-flowering.  After the smoke of the Thomas Fire cleared, we took the time to listen. Our practice of Creative Meditation served …

Emerging Collective Dreams

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Greetings Meditation Mount Friend! Thank you again for your involvement and interest in Meditation Mount. I’m writing to update you on the Mount and to invite you to visit again. As President of the Board of Directors, I am often asked to speak on behalf of the Mount and to share about Creative Meditation and the Pathways and Principles central to the …

The Promise of Renewal

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Dear Friend, It is with great gratitude that we share here a summary of the Mount’s renewal since the Thomas Fire, which occurred two years ago today. As you know, Meditation Mount suffered extensive damage in December 2017 when the fire swept from upper Santa Paula through Ventura, and up the coast into Santa Barbara County, encircling the entire Ojai …

The Beginning is Nigh

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Those who lived through the recent Thomas Fire at Meditation Mount and the ensuing deluge and mudslides visited upon Montecito in Santa Barbara County here in southern California describe the experience as apocalyptic in nature. It felt like the end times. In one respect, we could declare that these are both the end times and the beginning times. It all depends on which way you are facing.

The Fires of Renewal

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We hold the vision in our hearts that Meditation Mount, like the Phoenix, will rise from the ashes to become an even brighter Beacon of Light, Love and Fiery Hope in a darkening world.

Wishful Thinking

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To dream and imagine is to create. Throughout the ages, indigenous peoples around the world have been the custodians of their respective Creation Stories that keep the dream alive and tell of a time before anything existed.

Live-streaming the New Story

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The Ageless Wisdom explains that the soul is in constant meditation – patiently watching and waiting for signs of response from its earthly counterpart. The power and beauty of the Soul is live-streaming its radiant message of new possibilities 24×7 but sadly many are totally unaware that their essential nature is calling and therefore do not register these inner signals of renewal and hope.

Got Peace?

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Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from a Birmingham Jail

A House Divided

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Bridging the gap and establishing communication and cooperation between the Soul and the personality can be accomplished through the applied science and practice of meditation.