The Promise of Light: A Christmas Story for All Ages

Meditation Mount General, Homepage News

Dear Friend, We are in the midst of the annual Festival of Light which is a global celebration. Hanukkah is already well under way as we approach the Fourth Sunday in Advent leading into Christmas while other traditions prepare to welcome the Return of the Light at the Winter Solstice here in the northern hemisphere. This festive period is traditionally a …

An Appeal from the Heart of Meditation Mount

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Dear Friend of Meditation Mount, We wish to share our immediate financial challenge with you as well as the excitement we feel about the promise of Meditation Mount in the years to come. Meditation Mount is a Center of Planetary Service – a place of peaceful inspiration – where you are welcomed to engage and develop a deeper relationship with …

Welcome News

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Dear Friend, Good news from Meditation Mount. We recently received a green light from the Ventura County Health Department to have you visit again following Covid-19 guidelines. Beginning this Friday, we will be welcoming you to the Sanctuary of the Soul that is the Mount.  At the moment we are able to receive smaller groups several times during the week …

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Dear Friend, Ever since 1908, Mother’s Day has been celebrated in the United States as a holiday.  While the holiday is primarily associated with Mothers, the original impulse also had a motivation of Peace.  This is an excerpt from Wikipedia about the origins of Mother’s Day: “Ward Howe had made her Mother’s Day Proclamation in 1870, which called upon mothers …

Celebrate Meditation Mount’s 49th Birthday!

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Dear Friend, We trust that you are keeping safe, healthy and centered during this time of global discontinuity.  On April 11th, 2020 Meditation Mount celebrates its 49th birthday.  The significance of reaching this milestone is that it marks the completion of seven, seven-year cycles and heralds the beginning of something entirely new. Please join us in a birthday blessing by …

COVID-19 Update

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Dear Friend, We thank you for continuing to connect with us during these uncertain times. As you know, for the past two years, Meditation Mount remained closed while we focused our energies on recovery and renewal following the Thomas Fire. In December we were delighted to invite guests to register for guided tours. The response was much greater than what we had …

Crossing the Threshold

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Hello Again, Even though Meditation Mount has been closed for the past two years, we certainly have not been dormant!  During these two years, a seed has germinated, taken root, and sprouted — a testament to our renewal and re-flowering.  After the smoke of the Thomas Fire cleared, we took the time to listen. Our practice of Creative Meditation served …

Emerging Collective Dreams

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Greetings Meditation Mount Friend! Thank you again for your involvement and interest in Meditation Mount. I’m writing to update you on the Mount and to invite you to visit again. As President of the Board of Directors, I am often asked to speak on behalf of the Mount and to share about Creative Meditation and the Pathways and Principles central to the …

The Promise of Renewal

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Dear Friend, It is with great gratitude that we share here a summary of the Mount’s renewal since the Thomas Fire, which occurred two years ago today. As you know, Meditation Mount suffered extensive damage in December 2017 when the fire swept from upper Santa Paula through Ventura, and up the coast into Santa Barbara County, encircling the entire Ojai …

The Beginning is Nigh

Michael Lindfield General, Homepage News

Those who lived through the recent Thomas Fire at Meditation Mount and the ensuing deluge and mudslides visited upon Montecito in Santa Barbara County here in southern California describe the experience as apocalyptic in nature. It felt like the end times. In one respect, we could declare that these are both the end times and the beginning times. It all depends on which way you are facing.