Crossing the Threshold

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Hello Again,

Even though Meditation Mount has been closed for the past two years, we certainly have not been dormant!  During these two years, a seed has germinated, taken root, and sprouted — a testament to our renewal and re-flowering. 

After the smoke of the Thomas Fire cleared, we took the time to listen. Our practice of Creative Meditation served as the stabilizing force as we attuned to the daily rhythms of the Mount. We are proud of what Meditation Mount is becoming.

With joyful expectancy, a small and dedicated group has been preparing to welcome you. Beginning early next year, you are invited to tour the Mount.

To ensure that Meditation Mount fulfills its role as a place of spiritual regeneration and fiery hope, our immediate focus is to raise $500,000 by March 31st in 2020.  Accomplishing this goal is the initial step in achieving sustainability.  As a donor, you will receive priority notification for all Mount sponsored events and activities.

Many inspiring and magnetic projects are being envisioned.  One example is transforming the hollowed out ‘bowl’ of earth where our Tree House residence once stood into an exquisite outdoor Amphitheater.

Treehouse remains after Thomas Fire
Potential Outdoor Amphitheater © 2019 Cornerstone Architects, All Rights Reserved

Our invitation to you is to engage with us in this next cycle of service at the Mount.  Together we are precipitating and building a preferred future in the present. We can accomplish this with:

  • 5,000 donors contributing $10 each month, or
  • 1,000 donors contributing $50 each month, or
  • 500 donors contributing $100 each month, or
  • 100 donors contributing $500 each month, or
  • 50 donors contributing $10,000 annually. 

The choice is ours — to cross the threshold into the Future.  We encourage you to join us and become a Steward of Meditation Mount!

From our hearts to yours,

Brian Ziegler, Transition Executive Director
and Meditation Mount Team

Recent Updates:
The Promise of Renewal
Emerging Collective Dreams
The Mount invites you to dream, imagine and articulate the design of a new world founded upon spiritual principles and values through the practical application of creative meditation in daily living.
And a special ‘shout-out’ to our beloved crew from the Center for Employment Training whose hearts, hands and feet have greatly contributed to the transformation of our property.
The destiny of Meditation Mount — a home of beauty and peace, a refuge for personal meditation and contemplation, a Center of Planetary Service.

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