Open Positions

Welcoming Team
Job Description

Meditation Mount is looking for hiring for roles within our Welcoming Team. We are a meditation center located at the east end of the Ojai Valley. Our ideal team member is welcoming, attentive, engaging, detail oriented and able to multitask. This is a combined position and the location and duties may switch between Gate Guardian or Welcome Host/Gift Shop Attendant based on the needs of the day.

Gate Guardian

Our gate guardians greet and welcome our pre-registered visitors and guests prior to them entering the property. This person is the first interaction they have with Meditation Mount.

Gate Guardian Responsibilities:
*Greet visitors, guests and employees as they arrive at Meditation Mount. Ensure each event attendee has registered before entering the property
*Presents a professional appearance
*Communicate as needed with Welcome staff member if there is an issue
*Monitor inward and outward traffic, to ensure everyone’s safety
*Provide support and assistance to visitors and employees as needed
*Have knowledge of the area and ability to redirect visitors to an alternative location if they are not willing to register for a visit, i.e, usually a place to watch the sunset
*Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends, holidays, and special events as necessary
Job Type: Part-time

Welcome Host

It is the role of our Welcome Host/Hostess to make sure that our guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued during their time here at the Mount.

Welcome Host Responsibilities:
*Possesses a friendly and positive attitude to greet and welcome visitors and groups
*Presents a professional appearance
*Is well-informed about Meditation Mount, in order to assist and answer visitor inquiries
*Is able to review and update admission reservations
*Is aware of current Meditation Mount events and programs
*Maintains good housekeeping standards by checking bathrooms prior to and during shift to ensure cleanliness
*Is dependable and willing to lend a hand to other team members as needed
*Is able to work with visitors of diverse backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity with Meditation Mount and meditation
*Has the ability to work in a fast-paced environment (able to multi task)
*Is confident speaking in front of visitors and groups
*Has effective communications skills; ability to communicate clearly and present information to a wide variety of visitors with warmth and ease
*Is comfortable enforcing Meditation Mount policies with all visitors
*Is comfortable using online ticketing systems and technology; open to learning new technologies
*Has the ability to identify and positively resolve visitor issues in the moment
*Is able to shift between welcoming visitors and working the gift shop
*Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends, holidays, and special events as necessary
*Job Type: Part-time

Gift Shop Attendant

The gift shop attendant is responsible for being attentive to customers, answering questions about items and handling cash and credit transactions.

Gift Shop Attendant Responsibilities:
*Presents a professional appearance
*Process sales transactions
*Accept payments – cash, check, debit and credit card
*Calculate and return change as required by the payment method
*Balance cash drawer at the end of each shift
*Answer customer questions about gift shop items
*Maintain a clean and tidy work area
*Assist in stocking and rotating merchandise
*Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends, holidays, and special events as necessary
*Job Type: Part-time