Meditation Offerings

The Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is temporarily closed to the public due to COVID-19 guidelines. It is a place for personal use when the facilities are open.

Daily Guided Meditation

When the facility is open, we offer guided meditations in the Meditation Room in service to humanity.

Self-Guided Meditation

When the facility is open, we offer time for visitors to guide themself in a walking meditations through the International Garden of Peace. As you journey along the path, you will have an opportunity to contemplate the universal truths engraved upon the boulders.

Monthly Full Moon Meditation

We will currently be hosting Full Moon Meditations online due to the COVID-19 closure mandate. When the facility is open, group meditations are held each month at the time of the full moon to call in and pour forth blessings to our world. Everyone is welcome. The evening starts with a short talk setting the theme for the meditation, followed by an extended period of silence. The last activity is sending a Blessing to the World outside on the terrace.

Monthly Introduction to Meditation

To encourage people to meditate and discover their inner life, we offer an Introduction to Meditation class each month. This is an opportunity to meditate in a group setting, in a relaxed, gentle and open atmosphere. Our meditation approach is learning to be a source of blessing and healing for our world. Come experience Creative Meditation in a friendly setting with discussion and Q&A. First-timers and beginners are encouraged to attend.