The Principle of Essential Divinity and Soul-Centered Leadership – August 16, 2020

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We are still within the influence of the sun sign Leo that offers an opportunity to sensitize ourselves to the right use of power – moving away from self-assertion and domination into a selfless assumption of wise leadership.

During our 45-minute session we will utilize these Leo energies to explore the personal implications and deeper dimensions of leadership from the perspective of the incarnated Soul. This need has never been greater as we deal with a wide-spread fallout resulting from the misuse of power and self-centered actions.

The Principle of Essential Divinity affirms that at the heart of our being a spiritual Sun burns with the Fire of Love. It is this subtle solar power that we are learning to harness and distribute to our world by standing in the sovereignty of the soul.

Looking forward to your presence on Sunday. Namaskar.

We look forward to this time together!

Duration: 46:51 Minutes

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  1. I am new to the ways of MM and have a question. When we send out (transmit) peace, love, and goodwill to all beings, will that get through to those who, in effect, do not have their receivers on? For instance, I sometimes wonder if it’s of any use to send goodwill to family members if they are not receptive (or perhaps even actively blocking). Surely that good energy is not wasted, but is there any assurance that our efforts are doing good even when we cannot see or confirm a clear result? I suppose this is a question about how to best focus my intention and about faith in the process. Thank you much.

    1. I have been associated with Meditation Mount for more than 25 years. We are responsible for our communication, not the effects. Since all of life is communication, in reality we are one. Thoughts do not leave their source, and all of the infinite good we pour forth from our individual and collective consciousness makes a difference. None of it is ever wasted. When we meditate, we commune with the Infinite, Invisible, Immortal Spirit within us. It is this All-Power and Presence that transforms our individual and collective consciousness. As we transform our vibration through group meditation to a higher frequency of Divine Love, we accelerate the transformation of our world.

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