Standing in the Eye of the Storm – January 10, 2021

Meditation Mount Recordings, View From The Mount 3 Comments

We are still within the influence of the Earth sign Capricorn whose symbol is the Goat, expressing the tests and difficulties of ascending the mountain of spiritual achievement. Our task is to discover the light on the mountaintop and bring it back down into the darkened valleys of daily life as an act of service.

Specific topics were submitted so that we can ‘enquire the Way together’. With your input, this session was tailored to address the real-time issues facing us in this time of transition.

We look forward to your presence and participation as we learn to stand and serve in the ‘eye of the storm’ and become more effective agents of positive change in the world. Thank you.

Duration: 52:16 Minutes

Comments 3

  1. Sincere thanks Michael for this very powerful meditation which I have listened to many times over the course of the last few weeks.
    The moon may now be in Leo but there are depths to this meditation still to be accessed and to which I would like to return.

    Grateful to the unseen source of guidance which led me to find Meditation Mount and to you for sharing some of ‘all that you have seen and heard’ on the mountain of life.


    1. Thank you Rose Marie for your kind and encouraging words. Our task is to help awaken one another to the fact that all life is sacred and the spark of the Creator resides inside each human heart; that love is the lifeblood and substance that holds together the interdependent matrix of lives we know as the planetary ecosystem and that we share a common destiny in expressing the fiery purpose of Gaia. Blessings, Michael Lindfield

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