Meditation Recordings

Full Moon Meditation in Solar Taurus
May 6, 2020

This Wesak Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Michael Lindfield, President of the Board for Meditation Mount, and Diana Lang. We are grateful for the transcendent ambient music by Orpheo McCord.

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Duration: 49:30 Minutes
- Introduction Video and Music: 0:00min - 0:30min
- Welcoming and Wesak Legend: 0:30min - 14:00min
- Guided Meditation Experience: 14:00min - 24:00min
- Silent Meditation: 24:00min - 32:30min
- Harmonization: 32:30min - 39:00min
- Water Ceremony Blessing: 39:00min - 47:00min
- Closing and Music by Orpheo McCord: 47:00min - 49.30min

Full Moon Meditation in Solar Aries
April 7, 2020

This was our first Full Moon Meditation Online experience, and our first Full Moon event since the Thomas Fire in 2017. We are grateful to Diana Lang for guiding all of us through this deep and powerful Meditation, and Brian Ziegler, Executive Director of Meditation Mount, for his introduction. We are also thankful for the incredible Bansuri flute music played by Domonic Dean Breaux.

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Duration: 1 hour
- Introduction Video and Music: 0:00min - 9:30min
- Welcoming: 9:30min - 11:30min
- Guided Meditation Experience: 11:30min - 30:30min
- Silent Meditation: 30:30min - 43:00min
- Harmonization and Closing: 43:00min - 50:20min
- Closing Music by Domonic Dean Breaux: 50:20min - 60:06min

What is Creative Meditation?

Michael Lindfield explores Creative Meditation, sharing about the toolset and the Laws & Principles. Together, these elements form the foundation of a remarkable means of aligning with the soul and the universe.

How do I get engaged?

We have a course on Creative Meditation and can offer these study materials to you in English, Spanish and French as downloadable PDF files.

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