Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

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We welcome your participation in this group meditation as an act of celebration and service at the time of the Full Moon in the solar month of Sagittarius. This is a time to invite, receive, anchor and send out blessings to our world. Please join us for this group meditation for humanity, followed by a group blessing on the terrace …

The Virgin Birth

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This month finds us immersed in the energies of the constellation Virgo which acts as custodian of the “hidden Light of God” and represents “the womb of time wherein God’s Plan is slowly matured and brought into manifestation at the appointed time”. Read more about the Virgo Moon…

Leo Full Moon Presentation

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Each full moon we come together here at Meditation Mount to contemplate a universal principle. Each month, we sit as a group, and bring down into manifestation those energies and gifts which are being offered to us from the spiritual plane. This month those gifts will come through the portal of Leo.

Cancer Full Moon Talk

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Following is a transcript from the Full Moon Meditation held at Meditation Mount on June 30, 2015. Cancer is the birth sign of humanity. It rules the Mother, the womb and the physical plane birth of humanity. Humanity was manifest on this planet when the completion of the evolutionary cycle within a subset of the animal kingdom was reached.