A Tribute to Joseph (Joe) Mixer

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On January 8th our beloved friend and co-worker Joe Mixer passed away. He graced our fair planet for 94 years through a life committed to serving others. Joe was the nephew of Meditation Mount founder Florence Garrigue and became intimately involved in the early days of establishing the Mount as a Center of Light. We remember Joe for his qualities …

The Founder’s Vision – Part 1

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In the early 1960s Dr. Roberto Assagioli (the Founder of Psychosynthesis and Creative Meditation) asked Florence Garrigue to help inaugurate a project in the USA. On April 11th, 1971 Florence opened the doors of Meditation Mount in Ojai to the public and we have been here ever since as a place of inspiration and service.

The Mother of the Mount

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florence-from-oq-250wShe’d seen the West and East coasts. She’d seen the Caribbean. She’d seen Italy and England. But, as the story goes, when Florence Garrigue first stood on a rock-strewn hill in Ojai’s East End in 1968, the tiny woman knew she’d finally found the perfect place to carry out her very large vision. [read more]