The Law of Group Endeavor

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The Law of Group EndeavorBecause the soul is simply an agent in support of the inner ashram, its work in the world is always done in group formation. Such an understanding is crucial when we begin to consider The Law of Group Endeavor.

Always the soul works within the context of an inner group (or several groups) coming forth from the ashram found upon the buddhic plane. Though members of the inner ashram may establish collaborative initiatives in their outer service, it is nonetheless important to realize that the group is a subjective fusion of souls.

The objective dimension of cooperative work is important, but is still secondary to the inner group. Whether or not the disciple is serving in physical isolation or is outwardly engaged in a collaborative initiative, he or she is therefore never alone.

The Law of Group Endeavor is becoming increasingly active and influential in the life of the serving disciple. It is coming into prominence due to the fact that humanity is inching its way into the Aquarian dispensation with its emphasis upon group consciousness and collective action.

The energy streaming forth from Aquarius seeks to shape in human minds a sense of the value of group effort and cooperative enterprise. And as we are only at the front edge of entrance into the Aquarian Age, the tendency toward group endeavor will likewise grow.

As this sacred principle increasingly begins to take hold within the consciousness of humanity, more and more people will realize that no one sees the truth, but everyone sees a piece of it.

William Meader is a teacher of the Esoteric Spiritual Philosophy. His writings and resources can be found at Emergent Light.

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  1. Thank you William. I have a sense that the Law of Group Endeavor is an integral piece of a grand strategy initiated by the One Life to gather up all the disparate parts of Itself and to bring them into a state of synthetic awareness. As fractals of the One Life, we each have a vital role to play in bringing about this desired state of wholeness by how we choose to cooperate as a human family among ourselves as well as how we engage with the denizens (both visible and invisible) of the other realms that constitute the total Planetary Eco-System..

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