Meditation Mount welcomes you to visit our sanctuary and participate in three meditation experiences offered during your visit:

Meditative Walk

Explore the path in the International Garden of Peace for a Meditative Walk. Beginning at the Portal, the path winds around the property and through a plant garden to the Viewpoint overlooking the Ojai valley. You can use the map here to open on Google Earth and explore.

Guided Audio Meditations

Enjoy guided audio meditations on the Universal Principles and Pathways, which are the foundation for a New Civilization and the mission of Meditation Mount. Each principle and pathway is engraved on boulders throughout the garden. Follow the map and listen to the meditation on your smart phone with headphones by scanning the QR code when you arrive, and you can listen to the Meditations by clicking here.

Creative Meditation

Join in our Creative Meditation to generate and transmit blessings to a world in need. Details and guidance on how you can contribute to the Creative Meditation committed to serving the Common Good can be found in our Auditorium and on this page about Group Meditation as a Blessing and Service to our World.

Visitation times are:

Wednesday Sunset

Friday Morning

Saturday Morning

Saturday Sunset

Sunday Sunset

*Please refer to the events calendar for accurate times as these change depending on the seasons.*