Who We Are

Board of Directors

Michael Lindfield – President

Michael LindfieldMichael has studied and applied the Ageless Wisdom teachings and been involved in Creative Meditation since the late 1960s through an affiliation with Sundial House in England (a sister group of Meditation Mount). He is a highly regarded consultant and coach with over 40 years of international experience in helping individuals and organizations unleash the creativity of the human spirit to meet the needs of our times and the call of the future.

Michael learned his craft from a broad range of experiences that include: a 14 year residency as a gardener and as Director of Education at the Findhorn Community in Scotland; small-scale organic farming in western Sweden; conducting seminars and presenting at conferences around the world on the theme of ‘transforming self and society’ and as a senior organization development consultant with The Boeing Company from 1989-2005.

Michael is author of ‘The Dance of Change: an Eco-Spiritual Approach to Transformation’ (Penguin Books 1986) and numerous articles featured in psychology, education and business journals. He is also co-founder of The Science of Group Work Initiative and a member of the Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy.


Rosa Maria (Rosy) Romero – Vice-President

Rosa Maria RomeroRosy is a businesswoman who has long been engaged in meditation and service work. Originally from Guadalajara, Rosy moved to Northwest Mexico in 1980 and it was there that an inner prompting led her to a study group in creative group meditation — Sintesis En Acuario (SEA) in Tijuana. The group meditated together daily for many years, and held weekly meetings to study the Ageless Wisdom teachings contained within the Alice A. Bailey books. Rosy began attending biannual conferences at Meditation Mount in the early ‘90s, and in 1996 began participating in the annual World Service Intergroup gatherings held in different parts of the world.

Rosy is an Insurance Broker and has participated in many conventions in Latin America and Europe–with the Latin American Federation of Insurance Intermediaries and its European equivalent, BIPAR. In 2002, she also joined the worldwide service organization Rotary International, lending her diverse skills to the Rotary’s mission of building goodwill and peace in the world, alleviating human sufferings through combating hunger, improving health, providing education, job training, and more.


Brian Ziegler – Treasurer

Brian ZieglerBrian’s interest in esotericism and Theosophy began while obtaining his undergraduate degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois. Between his junior and senior years, Brian decided to go to Ojai, California to study at the Krotona Institute of Theosophy arriving on New Year’s Day 1972. Shortly after arriving in Ojai Brian heard about Meditation Mount at the east end of the Ojai valley. As soon as he visited the center he felt a resonance with both the place and its founder, Florence Garrigue. At Florence’s encouragement, Brian enrolled in the School for Esoteric Studies, a correspondence program based out of New York.

Upon returning to the Chicago area, Brian maintained his association with the Theosophical Society headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois. During that time he met Jerry Rosser and collaborated with him assisting in the creation of the audio-visual production of Nicholas Roerich: Messenger of Beauty. He also became involved with the Lorian Association and was instrumental in having speakers such as David Spangler, Dorothy Maclean, Peter and Eileen Caddy, and Donald Keys presented at the Theosophical Headquarters in Wheaton.

By the end of the 1970s Brian developed a passion for recording live musical events in a variety of styles such as folk, classical symphonic, classical East Indian, and various world musics. He primarily records acoustic music in reverberant venues with the intention of capturing the inner energy and beauty of the music rather than just the sound. In particular he has recorded artists such as the New Troubadours, Milenko & Kathi Matanovic, Robbie Basho, and Molly Scott along with various regional symphony orchestras and choral groups. More recently he has recorded jazz in Chicago.

This has resulted in the release of several vinyl LP, cassette, CD and download productions. In particular the Good Morning, Good Night album with Milenko & Kathi Matanovic featuring children’s poetry set to music was given the Parent’s Choice Award in 1988. Brian is still recording music and has recently had his recordings of Robbie Basho and Kyle Fosburgh released on the GrassTops Recordings label. In addition to recording live music, Brian also has a deep interest in photography as a form of creative expression and meditation.

Recently retired from his life-long business, Brian is interested in functioning as an angel investor for principled endeavors that are focused on introducing more beauty into the world. He has been involved in both non-profit and for profit Boards over the past 30 years. Past board positions have included a symphony orchestra, a hospital, and a trade association. Currently, in addition to Meditation Groups Inc., he serves on corporate boards of a manufacturer, a retailer, and a community bank.


Elisabetta Raspini

Elisabetta RaspiniSince her early years, Elisabetta has been interested in the study of her fellow human beings and their consciousness and relationships. She has been actively engaged in Psychosynthesis, Creative Meditation, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and service oriented work since 1980. Meditation, study and service have been the key activities of her work, with a particular focus in helping create a worldwide network of like minded spiritual groups and individuals around the themes of Creative Meditation and Living Ethics.

She is member of an Italian non profit “sister group” of Meditation Mount – Comunità di Etica Vivente – where she currently serves on one of the Boards. She is an active member of the Himalayan Institute of Good Will and Living Ethics (Kalimpong and Darjeeling, India) for the spreading of Agni Yoga. She is also fully engaged in service group activities within several international Associations. These are: The International Association for Creative Meditation; Sundial House in the UK; the Banner of Peace Association; the World Service Intergroup. The aim of her work: to favor the birth of a new Culture and a new Civilization, by helping individuals and groups toward the development of consciousness, in order to express their highest spiritual potentialities in service to humanity.


Halina Bak-Hughes – Corporate Secretary

Halina Bak-HughesHalina has been a life-long student of the ‘Mystery Tradition’ beginning in her youth with the rituals and sacraments of the church, leading to Ordination and Consecration through a lineage related to the Liberal Catholic Church. Years later she discovered Holodynamics, a profound psycho-spiritual approach for life transformation and ‘True Soul’ contact, serving as a teacher/facilitator and program coordinator.

Upon attending Seven Rays conferences, she recognized the continuity of the Mystery traditions flowing through the more scientific Ageless Wisdom teachings for the coming Age. Following years of study earning certificates and esoteric degrees (in Psychology-Science-Philosophy and a Doctorate in Divinity, ABD), her focus has been “living” the universal Truths, Laws and Principles of Reality in daily life and service.

Extending ‘Living Truths’ in group life, Halina has worked with her husband in corporate America as an Organization Development consultant and executive coach, inculcating Soul values and practices that unfold individual, group and organizational life for the “greater good”. She serves on three Boards all related to the “wisdom” teachings, has a Spiritual mentoring/coaching practice, and directs a ritual contemplative process aligned with the rhythms of the stars and liturgical seasons in service of the emerging new world spirituality and religion.

She lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills; interests include Soul Astrology, music/sound, photography, natural architecture, promoting well-being through aromatherapy/flower essences/medicinal herbs and organic gardening/cooking.


Sheldon Hughes

Sheldon Hughes Since childhood Sheldon has enjoyed living as an observer and participant in an inner world of Beauty and Light while actively engaging in the everyday interests of youth. During college he awakened to the Power of group Love and Compassion discovered in mourning the death of several high school friends returning home for Thanksgiving. Such was the depth and Light of the experience and its continuance he majored in Religion and Eastern Philosophy to understand the nature of those energies and forces and study the higher range of human possibilities.

Upon graduation, the desire for study superseded by a need to “plunge into the practical world”, he lived and worked for two years in E. Harlem, NYC; participated in a life changing course in Group Dynamics at Union Seminary; lived and studied at an experimental college in Denmark, and worked with an urban service training center on issues of Racial Justice. Then hired as an internal change and development consultant with a large Bank in New York City launched 40 years working with organizations and groups building Soul/Values based cultures, relationships, minds-brains as a practical mystic in today’s world.

Later, while completing work for an MBA degree in Management and Organization Behavior he discovered the Ageless Wisdom teachings through the writings of Alice Bailey and the work of Lucis Trust. In addition to working with the United Nations Peace Day project and continuing study toward a Doctor of Divinity in Esoteric Philosophy, for the last 25 years he has been a student, teacher, and member of the Board of the University of The Seven Rays/Seven Ray Institute, and program support for its annual conference.

Today, Sheldon co-teaches an online course on A Treatise On White Magic with his wife, Halina. He follows and serves, meditatively, the transformation of Business witnessed in the Conscious Capitalism and New Economy movements; the emergence of the new Soul inspired world culture seen in the de-structuring of organizations, ideologies, and governments currently driven by materialism, separatism, and fear; the establishment of prototypes built from the ground up based on the Principles of Love, Goodwill, Cooperation, and Sharing, and the growing guiding Presence of our Spiritual Elders.