Sustaining the Gift of Meditation Mount Together

Meditation Mount is committed to being a Center of Spiritual Renewal and a Beacon of Fiery Hope – a space where we gather to imagine and shape a new way of living together based on right-relationship and respect for all life. Your generosity contributes to our sustainability, ensuring that Meditation Mount is here to serve future generations.

With the loss of opportunity to host on-site events and activities due to the COVID-19 mandated closure, we find ourselves relying completely upon donations to fund our center. Please contribute towards sustaining this sacred place of harmony and inspiration by making a generous donation today.

Plans are continuing with online Full Moon Meditations online as well as introducing new online programming. These presentations and interactive experiences are being announced regularly to our donors and email subscribers.

While you may donate one-time or Monthly, Monthly donations are most beneficial because they provide a solid foundation for us to continue growing.