Legacy Circle

The mission of Meditation Mount is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of creative meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events focused on the practical application of universal spiritual principles.

Including Meditation Mount in your estate/bequest planning helps protect the beauty and sanctity of the sacred land while also sponsoring mission-centric activities.

Supporting Meditation Mount with an estate/bequest gift enrolls you into the  Meditation Mount Legacy Circle. Your gift allows Meditation Mount to thrive as a sanctuary while helping to awaken the soul in all aspects of human endeavor.

As a patron of the Meditation Mount Legacy Circle, you will receive information on new programs and offerings through our special Legacy Circle newsletter. Additionally, you are invited to engage with our organization as a steward and guardian of the sanctuary.

To get started today, please email legacy@nullmeditationmount.org or click here for more information on estate donations and bequests.

With deep gratitude,

Meditation Mount Staff, Volunteers & Trustees